"When Dezin hugs Traditions.... "

INDIA...country of Culture, Religions, Celebrations, Traditions and lots more positive energy giving events. Designing and Indian traditions are very closely inter-related to each other..don't u think so.. lets take a look..

Lets start it with few festivals of India...  for example  Holi.. Festival of colors .. happiness..smiles .. friendship .. new hopes ..colorful dreams... as its said.. "love in air".. during holi its "colors n smiles in the air".. n they are truly achieved by colors n design. Rangoli... designs at our home.. "veranda".. "entrance door".. "balcony".. its all complete collaboration of "design n traditions"..

To make it better...... we can choose upon few designs that can remain forever. ..even after holi.. thinking.. how to get such designs... simply.. take the snap... and enhance the beauty of ur living room with the colors of joy n fun..u had with your family n friends. why do we hesitate to ..frame a picture of "colors ".. in fact you should..try this year... these memories will be a sugar coating on your smile. :)

We share...... most of our pictures..video's on social networking.. but  during this process most of us forget one important place to share pictures with....n that is ...your own habitat, rooms , offices... etc. Why not give them a chance to become brighter and more colorful. We can filter happiness from such moments .. its just takes a click..n clickers to frame it on the walls of most wanted spaces.
Try some hand-prints on a white cloth ..n frame them for your living room or any particular wall which u want to highlight. So... hope this year..your are going to capture some colors for your living room, family room..etc. as it is truly . "dezin hugging traditions".. :) :)

It is said "old is gold".. n few old relations always come with a great combination of happiness smiles & new trends n this can be best seen during Diwal where "Design hugs Traditions".

Most of the Indian homes are re-painted on Diwali.. that's the time to choose correct combination of colors and festive touch. Greet your walls with ... smooth and pleasant color themes. High-light  wall with texture effects.

Color your imaginations not only on walls but also on floors,  doors and windows. You can bring out "the diwali" effect with different types of auspicious stickers, wall hangings , floor sticker prints , floor rangoli, flower designs etc. We not only color or decorate our house, we also buy new electrical appliance etc on this auspicious occasion. Try to make new furniture from the existing one, repaint it, simple change the laminates if it is too old and needs a new look. Convey your happiness to the place where you live. This will bring more positive energy at your "ashiyaana".

Simply add on new Cushion covers to make a change in your present sofa set, change your old curtains, drop your old furniture covers or table cloths, try vivid colors on white base.. or something in contrast ..or may be three color theme can be an option . Its not just you for giving a complete make over to your habitat you need to change everything. Small tiny changes can bring a sort of make over to your place you live in.Try it.........n make it. :)

Soon.... "Design hugs traditions part-2" is coming. :) :P

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