"Banawat ke baad Sajawat".... Designing then Decor..

Aha.. was thinking about the people around this world who don’t realize the difference between design n décor. Man…there is a lot of difference between them. What say…. Lets have a talk about it ..n spare few moments for this precious topic…n try to learn the difference between design n décor..
Before we proceed I would like to make something clear.. …wall hanging… wall paintings.. Selecting a designer curtain for ur living room.. Taking out best show items for ur dinning area n bedroom, selecting the best fabrics for ur interiors is not interior designing.  It’s just a part of décor. Décor can’t ever be started before designing. First step to renovate or make ur habitat a good place to live in..to live your dreams of a well designed home is to ..cherish the spaces you have and to make spaces happy with proper usage, design n last be not the least décor.. !

You and your home, office , shop , any space will be more happy If its completely used with atheistic looks as well as when it fulfills the purpose of work and area. Messy places with lots of décor items and other things are never happy and even cant make u feel happy and comfortable. So lets give chance to our spaces to be happy and comfortable as well.
Lets talk about it bit proffessionaly...... say in some technical and designing words... 

Interior design can be challenging - it requires knowledge and skill to create a positive living space and design professionals are perfectly positioned to provide advice and assistance.But as well ...it is interesting and exciting to work on. It challenges our creative skills ..tests our imaginations and results are at the best when we blend the perfect combination of our imagination n creation. The creation of a space which has a wonderful energy and is warm, happy and inviting is also a reflection of the personalities of its occupants.  

When ..a perfect blend of "banwat  sajawat" aka "design n decor" comes out..we get the best results of the spaces we are working for. 

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so that we can continue our talks on designing. :)

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