Lesson 3 - Drawings ...Medium to Convey your Design Idea..!!

Drawings/Drafting working on Auto Cad, Max , Google sketch-up or Smart Draw hardly makes any difference , because of all these are connected with the "presentation of your idea's" . They are just a medium to show your idea's to your client. Through these drawings made on any software or manual drawings clients can just visualize your mind and your designs and they helps putting a real picture of your design in front of your client. But before making any drawings or presentations you need to know "each & every technical" aspects of your subject and how to lay down your idea's on paper or software.

Plan : It is  a top view of any area,space, furniture etc. It can present aerial view of an architectural form , furniture placement or complete design idea.  It describes the dimensional arrangements , patterns of contained & surrounding space.

Building Section : It shows wall to wall arrangement of designs, furniture or plan. Work exactly the same as floor plans except they function as selective cross cuts are made vertically through the solid and void of an architectural idea in ore to reveal the pattern of its internal workings.

Building elevation : Results from the same view point as sections, but they describe the forms as intact and complete. Regardless of the depth of their position in an elevation all visible plans appear on the same scale & function to assess the all round massing & silhouette of a designed form. It is basically external view of a building from all the sides.

Working Drawings : These drawings demonstrate how a building/furniture etc. is constructed with detailed dimensions which an Interior Designer conveys a detailed n final proposal to the builder or contractor.
They contain detained dimensions, requirements , space, exact positing, complexity of construction etc. They are rarely colored or rendered rather they remain in line to communicate a total picture of the form , placement, structure & construction of a building design.

Presentation Drawings : They are produced to address those such as clients with the ultimate experience of design proposal. Presentation drawings deals with the space between & surrounding the slice, they are drawings that primary make a graphics, prediction of the visual & spatial impact of a building. Spatial qualities of surface , light , volume & color.

So, it was  small details about 2d drawings which helps a designer to convey his idea's to people. In my next post..... we shall discuss about 3d drawings, perspective views etc.

Till then keep learning..... :) :)
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