Are we mean... or is the World mean ..??

Hie..... After coming across different and difficult conditions or say circumstances of my life.. it is something very painful which kills me from inside is .. am i behaving bit mean.... or is this the world..who always pretend to be your's best of best close one..but actually never is.. !

Must be thinking why am i writing all sort of such emotional words..  this is not emotional.. but it is something which hurts a bit when someone good n close one is slowly slowly moving away from you. I know.. u don't have the right to own any person in your world forever.. but when things turn green..n suddenly they starts turning red.. this change is bit difficult and bit hurting to handle...isn't it.

A child is born all alone..  baby grows up with beautiful .. good ..bad ..nice ..happy ..sad persons around. Few of them becomes best of the friends .. few of them turn down as your enemies .. and few...... just as unknown forever as they were at your first sight. 

We talk to people ..... known or unknown.. we make friends .. we develop good relations with our family.. friends etc. as we grew older .. but we never think.. are these people going to live by your side forever.. no .. we never think this.. because we never had an emotional touch with a person as soon as we become friends..but gradually.. things change by day..n we don't realize it..but suddenly........ oh my god.. person is going away from me.. what do i do.. ?? Why the person is behaving in such a manner ? Have i done any mistake ?? Is someone influencing that person ?? All of a sudden... all the love and care comes in front of our eyes......and all of a sudden... all the possessiveness shuts out positive attitude.. rite.. !! 

Meeting and getting apart-ed form people is the way of life.. no-one is here to stay forever with you. If we accept it bit positively .. it may not hurt us as badly as it do. We create walls inside our hearts... we create pain inside our thinking... its only "we" who behaves "mean" when someone is going out of your life. And guess what........ because of our attitude or our own pain..we hurt others as well... its better to sit back in  corner of your life.. think positively... and let those people move forward in their life's and  let no one can take your place and their place from your heart .. nor they themselves neither your bad & negative attitude. 

Stop cursing this world for being mean..... everyone has there own life......there work.. responsibilities.. circle.. etc. and if in-between someone is taking a pause to sit back beside you for a change ..and to gain some smiles  & happiness...... give it as much as you can.. because.. world may be mean..  we can be mean..but a true smile can't ever be mean..n anyone in this world doesn't have any bloody thing to pay back the precious time & happiness  spread-ed in their world..while they were on a pause in the journey of life. :) :)

Trust me...... the day i have started thinking like this..... few pains are vanished..n those who are left behind...they are medicated by good happy and loving memories of time and  people.. :) :) It may help you as well..give it a try :) :P

Hmm.... deep thinking and thoughts... few more things to share.. mail me..  & thank you for pausing by my blog in the journey of your life..and giving your precious time. :) :)

copyright, All Rights Reserved 2013, Richa Gupta

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