Cocktail Designing.

Hi ....... Time to share few pictures got from my Google search .. with amazing and innovative designs...and these can used to motivate your design idea's and creativity. Take a look......... !!

A kitchen with shade of pink....... sun light getting filtered inside with a pink a bright as well as different look to the kitchen. Just in case if you want some other colors to be filtered in ...... one can use different colored glasses for the windows... :) :)

Simplicity and clean look of the kids bedroom comes from ......clean and clear designing and well played look of colors...and here it is the one. 

Really a bright place to relax in .... amazing simple work  of designing and good color selection gives a perfect look for a cheerful refreshment and mood.

Kids world can simply be described in their imagination ....and we have to picture the imagination in there bedroom... classroom....... activity room..  just by creating a world for them. Use of colorful pictures.. wall papers... regular change in colors..wall treatments etc..can bring the imagination of kids live in their rooms.

Few more... example to light up your kids world....with colors .. brightness and creativity.. :) 

Brighten up the corner of your residence , office , restaurant etc.. with some true colors on wall... nice paintings..and amazing light up stands.. Candles .... corner stands .. hanging accessories are always helpful in creating a magical look for your interior corners. 

Bedroom with a full wall window .....always impress my design idea. Its so bright full of natural full of views of nature and magical rains :) 

Raining colors......for your interiors..  Chain of colors for your rooms .. its always a treat for eyes and mind. Positive source of energy... which keeps world so brightened and best place to live in.

Bedroom beside your home garden... with full wall window.. curtains.. and lots of light filtered in is like a room which never ends up in darkness. Perfect cocktail of ... designing .. planning .. colors and idea's . Simplicity at its best. 

Many more things to share with you guys...... need some time.. hope you liked them all. Really thankful to Google .... which always help me exploring new concepts ..and new ear's of designing and world. Thanks to these designers as well....who have invested their life's and their knowledge to enhance the  beauty of interiors.

Gotta go...... see you soon.. :) Keep in touch.. and keep you foot prints on in my blog :) They are super motivating for me. Mail id : 

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