Design Idea's for office.

Hi friends.... nice to see you all once again.. ! Hm.. I was so busy with my work..couldn't get time to post something for our designing corner... anyways, in between I came across some wonderful office design idea's ... felt like sharing with you guys. :) 

Few office idea's as well as ......few office cum home idea's.. as we know in today's life its like a compulsion to design a office at home itself .... after all we all know "no work waits for us".. so its better not to leave any opportunity for success..and for that we need to have a office at home. So lets.... take a look at few design idea's. I am so thankful to Google always help me exploring new idea's for amazing designs and creativity. :) 

Amazing colorful reception and wall treatment. This can also be done at any kind of  residence spaces .. like living room ... family room or kids room. :) 

Simple work desk for your bedroom ..... located at the corner. For some colorful or bright look you can go for textured  or simply colored laminates..depending upon your room color theme. :)

Sophisticated and simple Md's cabin with a discussion table. Normally we don't find a discussion table in the Md's cabin, but keeping one of the table is never a bad idea. It gives some personal space for private meetings and short discussions. 

Perfect office cabin with a discussion zone or rest zone.  Keeping a sofa set with center table and side tables is always a good idea for a office (if you have that enough space to accommodate them). Gives a perfect feeling for work as well as perfect place for formal and informal guests. :)

Hmm..if you don't have ample of space to accommodate your work table etc.. you can simple go with this small and comfortable work desk. It will fulfill your purpose .. as well as... it hardly takes any space. 

Must have heard about L-Shaped kitchen ..then why not a office space. If you are running out of perfect shapes or spaces for office .. why not to go with this idea for your office. Home office can be designed in any manner ..... the manner which is comfortable for you and which fulfill your purpose. 

Many a times we don't get desired space and shape for our interior's (residence or office) ... but it doesn't mean we will stop thinking about our work and residence. Few design idea's are different and creative..and helpful as well. Here I discussed few of them....hope they will help they helped me. :) 

Designing is creativity and creativity never ends ....... and has no limits. :) :)

Time to move...for my next work. Chalo see you all again. Keep in touch.....and thanks for your time and your viewership :) 
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