Designing Disasters ..

Much talked about ......good and appealing designs for your interiors.. now lets take a look at "designing disasters" ...  they can be a good guide for us .. for "what to do and what not to do". Lets check out some of them :)

Over use of yellow........  and extra use of colors may land you up with such disaster of designing . Be careful while choosing and applying colors. :)

Try to choose.....a delicate and soft colors for your interiors. These patterns are at times very irritating and repulsive for your eyes and mind.

Hmm.. total miss match of everything... flooring... mat under the center table.. and the worst is placement of television. :(  In-proper choice of lighting has made the things more worst. 

One more miss-match disaster :( 

Now its the over use of back wall of the bed. Hello.......its a bed room.....not your study room. So better kindly give much more space to bed room elements rather than .. " trying to convert it into study room".

Over use of colors ...... can never bring brightness to your interiors .. in fact they ruin up your perfect design plans... like this !

Too much of vivid color .... and in-proper design idea's bring out such designing disasters. 

Wall library is always a good idea..... but too much of space involved for this makes its messy and un-pleasant. 

As an Interior Designer ..... we have to be careful while designing the spaces. Over use of space , over use of colors .. total miss match etc. brings the designing disasters. They may not ... appeal your designing skills as well as your clients . 

So its better to learn from such mistakes and gear up for a better future and designing skills. :) :)

copyright, All Rights Reserved 2013, Richa Gupta

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