Kid's Room Design Guidelines.

Kids room : Not only a room for kids but its a dream world for them which means a everything to them. Their dreams , their desires , education , play , fun etc. everything is related to there rooms and their feelings connected to the room. They believe it as a real world of them. So, always be very careful while deigning the world of kids.

Note :

  • Kids world is full of colors and brightness, so you can play well with colors to bring that colorful world in there rooms and live.
  • Always use bright color combinations for kids room. It brings lots of positive energy to kids mind and activities.

  • Always keep good scope of space for keeping their toys and sports related things. 
  • You can bring the magic of 3D touch by using different sort of textures, radium stickers , paintings etc.
  • Make sure kids room is inter-connected to parents room.

  • None of the colors is booked or reserved for any particular sex (eg. blue for boys and pink for girs). Its a myth and one should use all the colors for kids. As they love colors and it brings positive impact on their mind.
  • Do not place television in kids room. It is the major source of distraction. 

  • Make sure while planning , kids room is zoned away from social area's of the residence. It may disturb them during study, sleep etc.
  • Avoid using sharp edges in kids room while designing.
  • Do not over burden the room with kids toys & designing.

Kids room size : (all the measurements are in feet & inches)
  • 10'0" X 8'0" (small)
  • 10'0" X 10'0" (medium)
  • 10'0" X 12'0" or above (big)
Bed Size for kids room : (all the measurements are in feet & inches)
  • 3'0" X 5'0" (for kids)
  • 4'0" X 5'6" (for teenagers) 
So, it was short & simple details about kids room. Hope its helps you to design your rock-star's room. Thanks for your time and your foot prints in my blog. They mean a lot to me. :) :) Its your viewership that encourages me to write more :) :) thanks again.

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