kyu.. ?? Minor girl's silent cry..

Maasoom thi main, nadaan thi main
duniya ke darindo se , anjaan thi mai
kyu rondhaa mere tann mann ko ..
ladti hun zindgi se 
kyu kuchla mere bachpan ko .. !

Taras rahi hu main maa ke daaman ko 
andhero mai khoj rahi hun apne jeevan ko
kyu loota meri bachpan ki kahaani ko
mitna chahun jitna main
kyu naa mita sakhun ish berang nishaani ko..!!

Dosto sang khelne ke umar mai, laash ban kar rah gai
kya galti thi meri .. bus yeh talaash ban kar rah gai
kyu jhalke aansoo ankhon se puri zindgani ke liye
kya milega insaaf mujhe
kyu loot gaya bachpan mera .. kisi ki mannmani ke liye.. !!

5 year's minor ..... being raped in Delhi.... again a brutal incident took place in our country ... but no justice for this little one........ why ??  Why is this society truing so unsafe for any age-group of women ... why women are being used and thrown this manner.. why can't our society protect us from such devil's.. Shame on such men and shame on such govt. and society ... which is never able to protect its mother , daughter and sister's. I tried to summer up her pain in my words... hope these words knock up your hearts and wake you up and stand for the rights of women ...her protection .. her smile .. her life. 

Please...........I request you all not to forget such incidents in a week or so.... they are always knock on the doors of our safety and security ... why we always forget it ... if it can be someone's daughter ..sister ..mother ..wife .. then even one day we can also be the one among them... please wake up..and kill such devil's.. !!

copyright, All Rights Reserved 2013, Richa Gupta

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