Last Bite of Rajasthan.

Knock Knock..! It's me again....back  with more of "Rajasthan flavor and spice".. more of the decor items and design corners which I explored and discovered. Lets continue with the interesting and vast field of decor, art, culture,colors etc. 

  • Wall decors (painting and hangings)
  • Metal work (decor items on gold,silver,brass and copper)
  • Other decor items.

Wall Decor : Design your walls with the touch of "rajasthani rang" and "spice" with anonymous  designs, hangings and paintings. 

Paintings are the perfect medium to showcase your views , your choices , likes and psychology towards life and people. They are the best one to show your interest .. your mindset and living style. Decor your walls with your personal views and aspects.

Something exclusive for your doors and walls. Made of amazing fabric , embroidery , beads , mirror work and stitch's .. One of the best wall and door hangings for your homes and offices. :) Bring blessings wishes and positive energy with such good lucking and creative work. :) 

Painting for "Rajasthan" ....... tells a story in itself. Each and every painting  filter's the story of rajasthani people.. there work , talent and creativity.

Bring home the royal feel of " Maharaja's and Rani's" with such precious piece of art and paints. 

Metal Work : Must be thinking ... what kind of art pieces can be meant out of metals like "brass, silver,gold,copper" etc. But here is the answer to all your curiosities.

So, lots of them to develop a perfect picture of your decor and design..isn't it. :) 

Few more Decor items for your home and offices. Lets check out hand made rugs , carpets .. and few other handicrafts which will glamourise your interiors in a pure ethnic manner. 

Rajasthani Quilt's ... most famous for its prints , fabrics and comfort.  Wide range of variety is there to choose upon and easily available in the state.

Auspicious decor items for your home and life.. :) they will always bring .. good luck and positive energy to your life. :) So.. here was a mini tour of Rajasthan handicrafts .. which may help you choosing the best one for your interiors. Go visit "Apno Rajasthan" and take home the ethnic feel and traditional colors to glamourise the spaces. :) :)

 Do lemme know how did you find this mini tour ....your comments and viewership motivates my work and inspires me to ... write more. :) :)

copyright, All Rights Reserved 2013, Richa Gupta

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