Lesoon 7- Colors & Types of color scheme.

Colors : As an Interior Designer the understanding of colors are rather important as it only has visual impact but also responsible for simulation. In terms of mood & feelings it has been established that colors have physiological affect on human beings.

Colors may be described as having three outstanding properties :

  • Hue : Means the name of color which differentiated other colors like red , blue , yellow etc.
  • Value : It is the amount of light that color reflects. The brightness of the color decides the value therefore each color has its own value weather its a light brown or dark brown.
  • Intensity : It denotes the extent to which the hue is free from any white constituent. The more towards white the lesser would be the intensity. More towards black will be the more intensity. 

To understand more about colors first we have to understand category of colors and color wheel. Color wheel helps us in understanding colors , their values , intensity & color schemes. 

  • Primary Color : They cannot be obtained by mixing any two colors.  
  1. Red
  2. Yellow
  3. Blue
  • Secondary Color : Two primary colors mixed in the same ratio gives us secondary colors. 
  1. Red + Yellow = Orange 
  2. Yellow + Blue = Green
  3. Blue + Red = Violet.
  • Sub Secondary Colors : Two parts of primary color and one part of secondary colors makes a sub secondary color.
  • Tertiary Colors : Two Secondary colors mixed in the same ratio mixed we get tertiary colors. 
  1. Orange + Violet = Citron
  2. Green + Orange = Olive
  3. Green + Violet = Russet

As we all know about the colors now , its time to understand different types of color schemes which makes our interiors brighter & better place to live in.

  • Monochromatic  Scheme : It is a color scheme were only one color is used but it can be in both value and intensity. For example : Shade (dark) & Tints (light) of Purple or any other color.

  • Complimentary Scheme : In this scheme two colors opposite each other on the color wheel are used. 

  • Analogous Scheme : This scheme permits the use of colors, which adjoin each other on the color wheel. 

  • Triad color scheme : In this color scheme a combination of three colors is used and these colors are equidistant from each other on the color wheel.

Split Complementary color scheme : It takes the shape of a Y o the color wheel , with one of the arms of Y pointed . Wait..will show u with the help of a drawing. This will make things easier to understand.

Hmm... after understanding different kind of color scheme it is more important to know what all makes a good color scheme ?? Have you ever thought of it.. lets just discuss few important points about this.

  • Size & Shape of  the room
  • Exposure of light 
  • Purpose of the room
  • Personal scheme 
  • Occupants age (to choose the correct color scheme)
  • What's in the trend
  • Mood required
  • Styling - Ethnic , Traditional , Modern etc. 
Considering all these factors its always easy for a designer to choose a color scheme to give desired design for the room according to its requirements.

So, this was about colors & their interesting color schemes. There's lot more to discuss about colors.... after all its such a wide n interesting topic to talk about.

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