Lession 5- Magic of Colors

Hiee.. hmm.. i am back again ...!

Look at this world... have you ever thought of this world without colors...it will be so dull and so un-entertaining for the eyes. colors are like a lifeline to our thinking , our eye site n most importantly our life.. :) isn't it ..!!

Color is a form of non verbal communication. Designing and Colors.... truly and madly inter-related to each other.. not only just for residence....but for each & every construction .... accessory.. furniture ... decor item.. it means the whole world. Interestingly... Colors not only change your interiors into a magical space but it also magically let you know nature of a person. Believe me or not.... its something which can predict or conclude to someone's nature by the choice of the color they make.

Personal choice of colors can bring out the person inside out in a fractions of minutes as soon as the person revels about his favorite color . It will be fun , try to figure out your friends and close one's inside out nature with the help of these color language .
  • White : Purity and strength.
  • Black : Sophisticated as well as mysterious.
  • Red : Romantic , passionate & person with anger. 
  • Green : Peace balance & growth.
  • Brown : Down to earth n intense sort of person.
  • Blue : Cool , trustworthy & peace loving.
  • Orange : Socially communicative & optimism.
  • Pink : Softness, unconditional love & innocent.
  • Yellow : Bright & shinning.
  • Purple : Imaginative  & Creative person.
  • Grey :compromise & ready to struggle.
  • Gold : Success, achievement & triumph
  • Silver : Emotional, sensitive & mysterious.
  • Turquoise  : Communicative & bright mind with clear views.

Hmm.. interesting isn't it..... its just not the end... its a start to know well about the colorful world around you which is so beautifully designed and decorated by GOD .. not only in nature , designing but also in human's mind and heart. 
Time to ....... understand colors for your interiors...... to give them better & brighter look. Have to wait for a bit for my next post....... hope u guys don't mind waiting... :P

Will be back soon..... with color world.. n designing universe. :) :)

Till then....keep poking your dear one's ....with their favorite colors :P 

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