Lesson 10 - Bathroom Design Guidelines.

Bathroom : Zone which is at times bit neglected while designing a residence. But proper designing and planning of Bathroom is as important as other zones of residence. Must be thinking .. what's there to plan for a bathroom or a toilet. But trust me .. proper planning and designing can bring out the proper usage of space given for bath zone. Follow these simple guidelines to make a better bathroom for your perfect residence.

  • Bathroom should have enough area to accommodate a lavatory , a water closet , a bathtub or shower. 
  • Plan bathroom into wet and dry zone.
  • Permit 90* door swing unless sliding doors are used.
Complete Bathroom should provide : 
  1. Grab bar & soap dish at bathtub.
  2. Toilet paper holder at water closet.
  3. Soap dish at lavatory.
  4. Towel bar
  5. Mirror and Medicine cabinet / shelf space.
  6. In all case where shower head is installed provide a shower rod or shower door.

Planning Data : Earlier we have discussed about planning and essential needs of bathroom. Now planning data with proper dimensions are required to be discussed.

For Men : General measurements (all the dimensions are in feet and inches)
  • A lavatory height above the floor of 37" to 43"
  • Common practice to locate the lavatory is 31" above the floor.
  • Location of the mirror above the lavatory  height should be taken into consideration.
For Women & kids : General measurements (all the dimensions are in feet and inches)
  • Given the great variability in body sizes to be accommodated within a single family. Minimum toilet space should not be less than 2'6" X 2'6".

So, must be thinking about the appropriate material which can be used in bathroom as the surface of the bathroom endures more heat, cold and moisture changes the most. Following are the several options for flooring, walls , cabinets , etc. 

For Flooring :
  1. Tiles
  2. Marble
  3. Mosaic 
  4. Glass (partially) 
  5. Wood

For Wall treatment :
  1. Wall tiles
  2. Paint
  3. Wall covering
  4. Laminates.
Bathroom Fixtures :
  1. Cast Iron 
  2. Acrylic 
  3. Fiber glass
  4. Plastic

Lavatory Materials :
  1. Caste Iron
  2. Vitreous china 
  3. Stainless steel
  4. Glass
For Cabinets :
  1. Marble wall cabinets
  2. Laminates for variety of colors and design
  3. Glass cabinets 
  4. Natural wood cabinets
  5. PVC bathroom cabinets

For Counter-top :
  1. Tiles
  2. Marble 
  3. Granite 
  4. Solid surfacing
  5. Glass
  6. Wood and laminates. 
While planning for Bathroom, "make every inch count".
  • Narrow shelves between walls studs to hold shaving cream, powder, cream etc.
  • Hang cabinets or open shelving on a wall above the toilet to keep extra soaps, towels etc.
  • Pantry cabinets normally used in the kitchen work equally well in bathrooms as well.
  • Extend the vanity top over the top of low profile toilet to provide more counter space.
  • Install a bath or shower module with integral molded ledges and niches to hold soaps and shampoos.
  • Keep adjustable shelves in medicine cabinets .
  • Items that are used together should be stored together.

Finally.. few tips for designing your bathroom, hope they may help you. Will be back soon with few more guidelines on other zones of residence. Till then.....keep well.. enjoy..n keep designing.

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