Lesson 12- Kitchen Guidelines (part-2)

Sizes of Kitchen : (all the measurements are in feet & inches)
  1. Small Kitchen : 8'0" X 10'0" 
  2. Medium Kitchen : 10'0" X 12'0"
  3. Big kitchen : 12'0" X 12'0" & above. 

Note :
  • Keep 100 sq-ft of use-able floor space (10'0" X 10'0")
  • 150 to 160 sq-ft becomes to large (15'0" X 10'0") (16'0" X 10'0")

Other than kitchen designing and planning few more things are important to be take care of & they are :
  • Size of household : This clearly depends upon family types. Its a joint family or a nuclear family. As all the types of families have their own requirement and preferences.
  • Living patterns or habits : Type of work performed mostly in the kitchen...for example simple cooking,  lots of baking , storage space for pickles etc.
  • Age of household members : If we design a kitchen for old couple or couple with two kids, both have there own requirement.
  • Occupants : This indicates the number of occupants living in a residence.
  • Budgets: Given budget of the client matters the most.
  • Personal preferences : the type of kitchen  your client is willing to get designed. U shape , L shape etc. or the type of materials they would prefer to use in.
  • Activities performed in the kitchen
  • Future requirement : As family grows we need to changes in the place we live, we cook etc. Moreover at times we need  to think about parties at home, any puja function etc.

Important space requirement : (Note : These are general dimension, it may vary according to requirement and size of different kitchens)
  • Do not place doors closer than 30" from the comer  if the cabinets are to be extended to the corner.
  • Clearance space between base cabinet fronts and an island is 48" to 60" . If two people are working 48" is minimum walking space between the face of one cabinet and the side of another is 38".
  • Comer to comer clearance space between should be 34".
  • Edge of range and comer cabinet should be 12".
  • Edge of refrigerator to comer cabinet should be 15"
  • Edge of sink and comer cabinet should be 9" to 12"
  • A diagonal cabinet of 20" requires 39" on either walls.
  • 36" on either side is need for a lazy Susan. 
  • A build in conventional oven should be placed so that the top side of the fully open over is between 1" to 7" below the users elbow.
  • A microwave oven should be at a height so that the shelter racks is not higher than the user's shoulder. It needs work space , counter, pullout trays or a drop leaf near the access side of the door.
  • Depth of the range hood determines the height at which it is located. A hood is 17" or less in depth should be placed no less than 20" above the range top. Hoods 18" or more in depth should installed no less than 24" above the range top.
  • Small dinning space within a kitchen at-least should be 8'0" X 8'0" of clear space is needed for 36" X 48" table & 4 chairs.

God...many more things left to discuss about. Anyways.. i need to go now..will come with other details as well.. in my next post on kitchen. Hope this may help you. 

Till than..take care.. keep in contact : foundationdgp@gmail.com

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