Lesson 9 - Commercial Designing.

Commercial / Office Designing : It focuses on the public & private areas utilized by corporate and professional services. This not only includes offices but many other categories also come under this designing, for example : Health care (hospital , clinics etc.) , colleges , schools , educational private n public institution , retail shops , city malls etc. In short it consists of Health care , Educational area , shopping place & entertainment, transportation (railway stations , bus stands , airports etc).

Each and every category has its own way of working and has its own requirements which are to be fulfilled compulsory while designing. We not only provide design to these places but also have to provide smooth access of plan to these places so as they shouldn't face any error while working.

Commercial designing involves specialized category to work on .. its time to talk about few of them.... lets start with :

  • Entertainment Designing : It brings use of interior's lighting, sound & other technologies for movies, dramatic and music theaters , clubs , concert halls , park & any industrial project. So for getting best results for this category we have to bring down these things under one roof ...
  1. Creative Idea : As it is related with entertainment its very obvious that one has to put in new creative idea's for every new idea. In residence designs once used can be used at different places, but be careful ..here you are designing for general public..   as well as ... place which deals with entertainment and medium of refreshing mood of people who are tired , exhausted , looking for change, or simple is out with family & friends.
  2. Bring down every kind of discipline : This requires proper planning, creative designing , skilled work , usage of space, good interior's lighting & air circulation , proper arrangements of rest & entertainment zones , spacey & wide corridors  or area's to walk on, relaxing landscaping etc. You don't have any option to miss any of the important thing given in this list.
  3. Highly collaborative work : Bringing all the points together given above is a high collaborative work and specially its a challenging job to work in a public place. One has to manage everything.. for example designing , labor , material , public , quick transportation , dead line to hand over your project etc.

  • Office Designing - It includes designing both for private & public sector. It requires good skill to plan the spaces according to the professional's profession. For example a engineer has there own needs, a doctor has its own private clinic needs , a lawyers needs other sort of plan n design  etc.

But whatever space you'r working for , few points are applicable for all sort of offices & professions and they are :

  1. Functional needs : plan the space is such a manner so as it meets individual functional (professional needs) .
  2. Budget consideration : Put in your efforts of designing & skill in the given budget.
  3. Proper interior lighting : At times we don't focus on lighting needs of a person. Dull lighting gives stress to mind and eyes. Always put in proper lighting facility in each & every office place.
  4. Accessiblity : How comfortable is your space planning that depends upon smooth accessibly (reachable) for the person working in. More errors in plans will create more huddles to work on.
  5. Mobility : Never use any such kind of fixed furniture etc. that it can't be moved from one space to another space when required in future. There should be smooth mobility in your designing (products n materials) that creates an ease to work.
  6. Proper air circulation & air control : If proper air circulation is provided with a proper air-control (on air conditioning vents) it makes best place to work on. Less air as well as more air both are harmful  We can control it providing proper placement of windows & vents.

  • Health care (Hospital & private clinics) Designing : While designing for this sector we should always remember we are not just designing for the doctor's n nursing staff but main designing focuses on patients n there family comfort, privacy , accessibly, quick connection with doctors & most important for the well being of a person who is in pain. Major points one should take care for :

  1. Facilitates connection to staff : Patient and staff should be always be well connected to avoid any laps between there communication & process of medication.
  2. Is conductive to well being : Create a positive feel inside hospitals , nursing homes , private clinics etc. to provide a caring and nice atmosphere to the patient & its family . This can be created with use of colors like light green, light blue, light yellow etc. & through hygienic n cleanliness. 
  3. Confidential & Privacy :  Until & unless patient is being ensured of a private space it will be very difficult for them to convey there heath problems to the concerned doctors. Minimum use of glasses or frosted glasses should be used.
  4. Caring atmosphere for patients family : Reachable water facility,wash room facility , rest rooms etc creates a caring atmosphere for patients family. 
Hmm..  lots of more to write about rest of the categories..... need a break now. Will post rest of the designing guidelines or details in next time. In between i remember I have few more  topics to cover on "color".. 

lots to work ....... c yaa again. Wait wait wait.... my mail id to contact me..  always waiting for my reader's mail. Its foundationdgp@gmail.com :)

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