Lessson 9- Living room Design guidelines.

Living room is a zone where wide variety of activities take place, its a zone of formal and informal guests as well. Designing a living room is always an interesting job as it always gives us good chances to display our skills in a sophisticated and royal manner. Always remember the amount of the space allocated to this area depends upon household size and composition , preferences , activities and budget. 

Location of the living room should be appropriate. It may be positioned to supplement the dinning area and outdoor living area. But it should not be a passage way. Rooms proportion, shape  and layout are more important than the actual dimensions. 

  • Typically 11'0" x 14'0" if a single conversation circle is planned
  • If circulation through the space is needed a width of 16'0" could be used.
Furniture placement : Size of living room and furniture vary dramatically depending the economic status and lifestyle of the user and relationship of room to the other area's.  

Kindly Note : 
  • Living room is a room which servers in various purpose to the occupants. 
  • Its just not a relaxing room for the people living in but also servers as guest room.
  • It should be designed in a formal and informal manner, so that its designing is appropriate to entertain all sorts of guests. (formal and informal)
  • L-shaped sofa or a sofa set is always useful for living room. Placing a couch or a "takhat" or "divan" gives a bit informal look to your living area.
  • Try to avoid placement of T.V in the living room. Better it is placed in family room. 

Planning Consideration : Apart from luxuries however, there are minimum requirements and basic planning consideration that are applicable and makes your living room a better designed area.
  • Keep adequate floor and wall space for furniture grouping.
  • Separation of traffic ways.
  • Ease of access to furniture and windows.
  • Circulation within the living area should be as direct as possible.
  • When living room is combined with dinning area, the dinning area should be offset into an alcove or be clearly identified as a entity in itself.
Designing Tips :
  • Highlight a wall with texture paints. It gives a royal touch to your living area.
  • Use of colorful and simple rugs are always good idea to complete your design.
  • Paintings - are always best medium to design living area walls.
  • Wall shelves create a cozy atmosphere.
  • If room is small , use of mirror can make it large.
  • Placement of accessories like wall hangings , artificial flowers , vases , indoor plants etc. are always good idea to design. They give life to living area's. 

Such painting always help your living room look awesome. 

Don't use painting of negative shades and negative energy.  Avoid use of painting in which pain , cry , depressive elements are present. Such paintings and wall papers always brings negative energy to your home and mind. 

Hm.. so  these were small tips to design your living area. If you have an other idea do share it in my blog or mail me. Your views , ideas , comments are always welcome and appreciated. 
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