Magic of Bengal...

Bengal....... State of India...... land of unlimited art, talent , creativity , traditions etc. Must be thinking, being a designer why am I talking like a tourist guide or a traveler .... actually its the art, talent , creativity which always charms and captures my eyes. Why not to enhance the beauty of your interior's with some Bengal's creativity and charm.
Lets check out the "magic of Bengal" ........ which can turn your interior's into a unique and magical place. 

Magic of talent started in the villages of Bengal....and now enhancing the beauty of many interior's of different cities and places. Bengal handicrafts ....made of jute,cane,bamboo , wood, thread ..... and the most amazing work is Bengal's sculpture making talent. Lets check out Bengal Handicrafts to decor our places. 

Wooden horses...placed at the corners of your interiors ..... gives a complete look as well as...a handicraft touch to a modern residences or offices. 

Shola Art - white pure magic crafted in a soft material. Anytime it provides a gracious look to your living room or pooja room. 


Few furniture made of bamboo and cane.... bring an amazing different look at your interior's. Easy to maintain , charms the colors of walls ..... and comfortable as well as ..... good at use. 

I personally always wanted to use such kind of basket for my room. Its so different.... beautiful and amazingly done with so much of hard-work. Gives a very clean and tidy look as well. 

Now time for some painting work......pottery work... and some "maathi" work. Bengal's talented people are being God gifted at sculptural and pottery work . 

Different sort of masks ....... to protect you from negative energy ... placed outside every home. Some "maathi diya" and other pottery items to enhance the beauty of your kitchen and puja ghar. Bengal not only servers for show pieces  furniture etc..but it also provides magical range of designs on fabric ... popularly known as "batik prints" and "kantha work" 

Great thread work and amazing printing work on fabrics gives  so many different options of colorful and vivid bed-sheets, table cloths , kushan (pillow) covers , decor items to add on beauty to your residence. Apart from all these ....they have some other decor products as well....made of leather , painting etc. 

So........isn't absolute collection to give a tint of Bengal to your home. Its not an end....... still few more things to come...... how about something for your flooring....... some rugs or carpets.

There's no end to creativity .......and talent. If you want to design your habitat with such creative, unique and beautiful art pieces .....then don't just it. 

Now its time to ........ look for other creative sectors as well. Few more places calling me to check out and explore the world of talent art and creation. Thanks to the people who are engaged day night to bring the magic of traditions and art in such a lively and beautiful manner. 

Do lemme know your views for my search and work. Your footprints are always motivating me to write and search. Thanks again :) :) C ya all soon. :)

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