"Streets of magic"

Travelling around or moving around in your own city is not a big deal for all of us , we never take it in a manner where we can experience something new... in fact we always look out to go out of our town to gather some new experience and observe few new things.. ever thought of your own city's street ..where u move around daily. 
Bit boring..but stunningly amazing these streets are.... weather they belong to your city or my city. Every street..every road has its own story and own magical moments happening around. 

Myself, Richa.... an Interior Designer.. hail from steel city of Bengal "Durgapur".. has a habit of going to temple (mandir) everyday... same path..same way... same temple ... with music in my ears , capturing pictures from my eyes n at times from my cell phone's camera ...walking down in my own masti.... but trying not to miss a single activity, small big shops, observing each and every person... animal things etc.

Never had an idea... the street I walk down daily.. has so  many uncountable colors spread-ed around... different type of people in their own way of dress up...makeup.. kids playing around..n few kids... crying  to get their desired toys or games, group of boys & girls enjoying there friendship evenings .

Every other person , kid , animal (cows , dogs , cats etc.) had a different expression on their faces to express the kind of time they are going through...  some are busy in their own world , few are busy in there shops with customers...  group of people playing cards beside the road.. few people travelling around.. & best one was...  husband carrying wife's purse and walking behind her ...... with his neck down towards earth.. :) :)

Not only interesting people are on the streets to observe.. in fact see what i found... a bicycle converted sort of moppet. This happens only in "India"... interesting people .. there creativity n very different sort of "rides" :P :P 

Walking a bit more ... found a baby cow.. starving out of hunger.. felt bad about it.. i really don't understand why people do keep pets for the sake of their benefits n moreover they never offer good amount of food to them. This is the condition of today's animals who are being just given four walls to live in but no food.. :( :( 
It hurts when u come across such needy people or animals. But.. everything can't be just perfect .. after all.. every living being has their own life's and has to fight with it. We can  just help such needy people and animals.. a little help can bring upon a big change in their life. :)

Colorful people.. bright expressions.. wonderful catchy moments .. is present in every street of all the cities ...then why cant we just forget ourselves for few minutes & try to observe and capture the beauty of different expressions , colors , religion in your own cities corner.. there's lots  to explore and to get. This is just a start for me..... will defiantly not waste any time... or will not miss such wonderful things of my city..n will try to picture it down in my writing ..

So.. the mission is on...... more i will observe more i will get an idea to write ..n capture down the pictures of these "magical streets" ..hahaha :P

Gotta go.... catch u soon ... keep reading & thank you for giving in your time to my write-up's. :)

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