Rajasthani Rang continues..!

Hie....  everyone again..! In my last post we were talking for "Rajasthan's handicrafts - Rajasthani tadka" to give a complete blend of decor and design to your home. Lets continue the tour.... lots more to talk about and lots more to come.. Still lots of magic remains in the stores of "rajasthan handicrafts"

  • Marble magic
  • Wall decors (painting and hangings)
  • Metal work (decor items on gold,silver,brass and copper)

Marble magic - Since decades Rajasthan is so well known for its quality marble and its art on it. Its just not the art of rajasthan but its the talent enveloped in corners of perfection and endless creativity. White magic of marble ....... brings adorable and magnificent look in the spaces. 

Amazing marble idols .. will surely enhance the beauty of your puja ghar.. or can beautify the showcase or a corner of your living room. 

Marble jharoka's (windows) .... gives a perfection to the air cross ventilation to your rooms. Craved in such a beautiful manner will bring the blend of beautiful decor and design for your interiors.

Marble show pieces ..... enhanced with beautiful painting and colors will give a royal look to the rooms. Painted beautifully in the colors of traditions and cultures...makes such vases so special to keep and to gift.

An amazing puja thali for puja ghar. Purity ..traditions ... culture ... and blessing are the main ingredients of this marble puja plate...to bring blessed wishes at your door steps. 

Hmm..... much have heard .. "haathi mere sathi"........ its just a perfect example of such a beautified work on marble and its making it so special, elegant and adorable. Hats off to the workers who gave so much of perfection in their hard-work and art. :)
Low height marble stool...... not just to enhance the beauty of puja or home...... its a stool of blessings and wishes.

 Hmm.... too many options to choose upon decor items ......for your home... to gift. Rajasthan handicrafts if full of wide range of such incredible decor pieces ... and selection of one or two is a really tough job to do.

Illuminate your world.......with this magically meant illumination lamps ... perfection of craved design and beauty of marble cutting .....makes is so special and so amazing.

How about framing up your sweetest moments in the frame of marble painted with bright colors and motifs. It will make your charming moments more cheerful and glowing. 

Hmm.....endless range of marble idols... show pieces .. puja pieces. Lots to look after ... gives a greedy feeling to own everything..... after all ..such designs .. such art.. and work.. don't have any match with any other art of world. 

Mirror of ........ brightness .....  art and marble magic. This will surely add glamour to your beauty and your dressing table. 

So, floors and walls of your homes are starving to get the touch of Rajasthan marble designs. Unlimited patterns ..colors ..designs to match up with your home decors and designs. 

Many more creations to add on ..but have to limitofiy myself ... as its not possible to add on the ocean of creation in my write up and posts. This was just the marble magic which took so much of me and still has unending art left to explore and add on. Can't get enough of it :)  

Few more decor items...  wall paintings ... metal art is left .. to be explored and catch them in the frame of my eye and mind. :) Just love this universe of creation.. art and talent.

copyright, All Rights Reserved 2013, Richa Gupta

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