Decor's of Jammu & Kashmir.

Design your home with the culture ..creativity of Jammu & Kashmir. Give a welcome note to your decor idea's and concepts..  it will be a warm and fresh gesture for your spaces. 

Different ...... exclusive and happening wall hangings..ceiling hangings ..door hangings are waiting to enhance the beauty of your dwellings and offices. 

Great work of brush ... art ..paint and creativity ..... can be located in each and every piece of show item... meant to beautify the interiors.

Amazing Paper mache work ...... on show pieces .. pots .. lamps .. etc. Touch of perfect creativity.. bright and vivid colors .... great combinations will perfectly match up with the design of your spaces.

Bright ... charming and so attractive boxes .. show pieces for your desks and living areas. Its a life time opportunity to get the warmth of such creation at your spaces. of my "favorite"  things... outstanding and charming product to hang near your main doors... perfect welcome note..for you..your guests...and will be amazing collaboration of warm welcome and beauty.

Unlimited variety of art ...craft .. creativity...... more you look for ..more you will get . State full of it..... the work...the great way of carrying down the heritage of their culture and traditions. 

Such painted items are unique all over the world. Different sort of bright colors .. motifs.. way of design ..makes it so amazing and precious. 

Last step towards Jammu & Kashmir.... place of ..and talent .... even after so much of un-peaceful environment.. they never left their heritage behind ..great people great work.. and the most amazing thing.. we are getting so much to design our spaces because of such creative and special work from them. 

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