Discovering Madhya Pradesh.

India ........soil of unlimited art, talent ...skill.. hard-work...and sadly ..  many a times ..undiscovered and under motivated creativity. All the Indian States has their own art culture and skill of heritage and has the mystique charm to beautify the interior of any place in this world. But sadly... so much of the art and skill is being wasted is not being promoted and motivated by Indian people as much it should have been.

Anyways..... after my mini trip to Gujrata , Rajastha , Bengal and Assam... here I come to the land of Madhya Pradesh. Modernity and antiquity are finely balanced in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Ethnic art forms are the state's special features. The tribal groups here have preserved their various art forms. Clay pots, carpet-making, wooden toys, leather and clay toys, calico paintings, Chanderi sarees, handloom cloth and garments, and cotton and woollen products, embody the rich handicrafts of Madhya Pradesh. Wood work and lacquer-ware are the state's specialties.

The vivid handicrafts and art works in Madhya Pradesh add to its mystique charm. The hand-crafted products of Madhya Pradesh assure you to sweep you off your feet.  Human figures, birds, animals, idols of gods and goddesses, models of famous historical buildings, etc. are made with the aid of this handicraft.

Toys : Check out the variety of toys.. and the way they are made is so different from other states and cities. Material used in it and the way of making is interesting that you just can't stop yourself getting two or three for your home decor , kids or family. 

Wood bamboo and Cane : Objects of utility in rural areas are made with bamboo and cane. Seoni, Balaghat, Shahdol and Mandla are the areas of bamboo plantations, and the artisans here are adept at transforming bamboo and cane into marvelous objects. 

Woodcraft for making fancy wood objects is practiced mostly in the rural and tribal areas of Madhya Pradesh.

Handmade Rugs and Carpets : In Madhya Pradesh handicrafts, dhurries or carpets made from a rich and thick variety of cotton deserve a special place. Most of these carpets have folk designs imprinted on them and come in bright colours. Carpets dyed with synthetic dyes are a handicraft form, that dates back to the Mughal age. 

These carpets will bring the royal touch of Mughal's to your interior's. Vivid colors , unlimited variety ..hand woven magical charm and different motifs , prints , art  always welcome your sense of decor to buy them. 

So this was a part touched of Madhya Pradesh... much more unmatched magic still to my next post. Tribal paintings, art , clay pots , pottery, wall hangings to bring the lively feeling to your walls .. and many other things awaiting in my next write up.

Thanks for your kind viewer ship and comments (in the blog,facebook etc). They have encouraged me a lot. :) 

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