Goa Calling.

Land of beaches......... sun rise..sun sets.....shell art .. music ..dances..party every night...has something awesome to gift your for your interior's as well. Its ... GOA calling....!!!!

Come on the mini tour of Goa ... discover art of shells.. coconuts ..candle stands .. clay work and much more...... Time to relax down and choose upon best for the spaces.

Nourish your Interior's with the special effects of Goa Handicrafts... Check out the world of art........ !

Coconut basket ...designed to keep some of your important and special accessories.

Shells.... bowl them like pebbles ....or bottle them in a corner ... to give a beach look to a corner.

Shell....... mirrors..  show items ..... etc.. to  touch the corners of your dwellings and offices.

Candles..... always help in enhancing the beauty of your designs and decor's and if you get such a wonderful candle stand work to display..its like "adding a pinch of charm" in your planned decor's and moods.

Terracotta vases , coconut shell vases , fiber vases..etc. all the types of vases for your flowers ... corners .. furniture ...etc.

Vivid and different types of clay art.... other items to give a real look of Goa to the interior's. 

Cultivate your interior's with different try of handicrafts and art. It always gives the most different and awesome look to your decor's.

Hang in the shells ...for the warm and salty welcome of your guests.. white and pure shell work to bring peace to your entrance doors.

Pattern-ofy your decor's with the unlimited art and hard-work of such amazing items and things.

Few flowers of shell....... an amazing and refreshing work from the artists of this state. 

Men and Women at work...... great piece of art and culture ..by the artisans of Goa. Place them in your gallery..or balcony's ..for the wonder looks of Goa. Get a feel of hard-work and dedication from such work.

Hmm... unlimited .... work of art and culture ..in the limited area of Goa ..smallest state of India (area-wise) ..but the soil of amazing salty and sweet handicrafts. 

Goa calling.....come relax and take homes the best of handicrafts, salty feel of beaches in the culture and art of Goa. Its worth it..!!!

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