Jammu & Kashmir.. Discovering Paradise

Hello.... everyone...  I am starting one of the most beautiful and spectacular journey of land and art now..... guess the soil ...I am visiting in .......... its .. "Jammu & Kashmir"........ breath taking nature ... views ... piece of paradise ... land of rising sun and beautiful snow falls .... amazing gardens and incredible work of arts and crafts..... handicrafts. Jammu & Kashmir is not only the land blessed with such a refined nature and views.. in fact, its a gifted land of arts and talent. 

Lets start off with ...the most popular and immense work of art ... "fabrics and furnishing" .. in short... "best embroidery work of the world". Carpets , rugs , pillows etc. most famous and attractive art of this region . Warm your interiors with the cold waves of this soil.. they are simply incredible and I am actually speechless ..

Cultivate your interiors with such work.... you will fall in love with your dwellings and offices. Its a one time golden opportunity to live in with such a work of art and talent. They will not only enhance the beauty of your interiors in fact they will charm the design of your interior's.

Breath taking work of threads and needle .... no words for such a hard-work.Simply furnishing at its best.... dare to choose just one from such a wide colorful variety of fabulous work.. I can't... Man..... I need them all..for the spaces. 

Color your walls with the impact of these "kushan's - pillows" ... their work... embroidery ..and art. Floral ... geometric ... prints and work are waiting to impress your walls and spaces. Take them home...... :)

Circular rugs .....to cover the are of living room , varanda , etc. Place your center table above this rug ...to  give it a complete look and design.

Pillow of art ... work and amazing creativity .. will be always well settled in your living room. 

"Kashmiri Carpets" .... they don't need any introduction or words from my books....they already exists in the world of " name and fame " .. literally .. they are the "piece of heaven"  from the land of "heaven".  You will just fall in love with them... infact you will be lucky enough if you get a chance to buy them for your spaces.

Place them in your dwellings and offices .... to impress the design idea of your interior's.

Patch work ..with embroidery...its like adding a pinch of design into your decor's. So colorful .... so attractive.. will turn your living room area a bright place to be in and relax.

Oriental rug .... for your living room.. bedroom .. kids room etc. Cover the piece of floor with the piece of Jammu and Kashmir..... its worth it.

Hmm .. pillow covers with colorful ..floral embroidery ..will definitely mesmerize your interiors ... amazing piece of art and work .. to be carried home.

Woolen bed sheet and covers to warm your winters. Apart from clothing and dresses.. give a chance to your bed covers and furnishing to warm up your dwellings and you this winters with this "kashmiri woolen bed covers and bed sheets".

Hmm....so this was just the first step towards "heavenly work of art and culture"... much more to come... to charm your eyes and beautify your world of design and decor's. Too much to talk about...... so divided into few more posts. Hope you liked the first step to "land of heaven" ...and "soil of art".

copyright, All Rights Reserved 2013, Richa Gupta

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