Kids world around the globe.

Hieee........! Check out few kids room around the globe...  felt like as if it was really urgent to share with all :)

Room corner being used in a proper as well as atheistic manner.

Most useful and elegant design I came through. :)

Few Tips for kids bedroom :

  • Never paint their room in a particular theme (for example : mickey theme, chota beam, butterflies etc) infact paint it colorful and with vivid sort of idea's.
  • One themed room always creates a limitation for kids thinking.
  • They create a barrier for self development. As they grow then need to explore more , think more , absorb more....for a good development.

Half height bed ..normally not found in kids room ..but are a good concept and idea for the same.

In designing ..more you explore ..more you absorb ... more and better you design. Keep looking..keep appreciating other's work as well.. this will bring a charm and new idea's to your designing sense and world. So, I will keep sharing ..and exploring  designs around the world ..through my blog. 

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