Knock from Jammu & Kashmir.

Hello hello ji.... after a small halt of my beautiful journey of " Indian paradise" ... here I continue again .. :) what a place.....what a work....what art and such an amazing world to explore. :) 

You must have seen lots of wooden carving work places ..cities etc. but I can bet on .. you can never see such wood work anywhere else .. Its just "Jammu & Kashmir "... which gives the best of "wooden carved work" ... its special ... so precious ..and wonderful. 

Tint of creative skills will cultivate your interiors in a royal and fresh look ... with the amazing touch of decor in it. :)

Perfect furniture for your "royal dream house" or say "nawab home"...... its worth it. Bring home the feel from the land of heaven and gifted creativity. 

Special wooden box for your office.. home... living room ..etc ... to keep in your speical items safe and protected. Merge up the beauty of Jammu & Kashmir with your design idea's ...its best one in itself.

Design your interiors etc..with such a wood work who's beauty will last forever..... its evergreen and will mix up with every color.. design and decor items. :) Piece of art.... cherish the hard-work and efforts of the people who have made this beauty. 

Knock of beauty ... at your doors. :) Isn't it ...... so wonderful and amazing... :) 

Amazing cutting and carving work done by the workers of Jammu & Kashmir...who have engaged themselves day and night to maintain and enhance the beauty of their heritage and ancestors.

They enhance the beauty of wood with such a mind blowing hard work carving. Each and every piece is craved by hands and tools. Such a balanced worked is so special and precious in its own way. 

Creation at its out of your imaginations..... decor out of this world.. exactly..this is "Jammu & Kashmir" handicrafts and works. Gathering up few more of them for my next post..till then..  try to come out of this beauty :)

Take care ...... and thanks for your foot prints in my blog.. comments and words at my links..... and so much of time :) They are true source of my motivation. :) and last but not the least..... "thank you google for wonderful and help". :)

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