Last impressions of Kerela

Tadannnnng..  so.. continuing my journey of the wonder green land of "Kerela" .. here I have few more creative items and show pieces to share with you all.. !

Groom your interiors with the magical work of "kerela".. after all its unique .. so pure and perfectly meant to blend in with your styling.

Amazing ... cute and attractive ..wooden pieces .. items to add on the flavor of southern beauty in the spaces.

Charm of metal work , smoothness of basketry work and magic of wood creativity to ensure the enhancement of beauty in your design universe.

Few things are always precious....... you can't ever pay the value of such things.. and "kerela works" deserves these words in true sense.

Take a halt..... give a pause get the best of works on basketry.. coconut shells.. ivory and metal. 

Designs with such a clean and clear idea and work.. will bring a clear picture of decor's if placed appropriately.

Not an it can be an amazing start to beautify your dwellings,offices etc. with the incredible work of "Green land - Kerela". Here I am short with my words ....... but they will be never short with the talent and skill they are presenting and producing each day..with the changing times. A heritage beautifully carried and maintained with the same purity and impressions.

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