Leaf from Kerela.

Kerela ... southern part of India ... lavishly nourished with hard-work and culture . Most green and peaceful area with amazing and precious work on handicrafts and art. Most of there work is found on :

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Buffalo Horn
  • Screwpine
  • Other
Bring home happiness and peace with the touch and feel of awesome work and art. Cultivate the Interior's with special effects of Kerela-lick tints and shades.

Show pieces enriched with the work of Kerela ..and sense of purity. Mostly worked on wood , coconut shells, metals and few other items.

Traditional boat of "Kerela" ...symbol of hard-work , unity , peace and race towards life. 

 Pure traditional mask's of "kathekali dancer's" to hug your walls with its incredible and most different look.

Metal works .. to beautify table corners .. or living area, family rooms or bedroom's. 

Work on cane, bamboo and wood... to enrich the beauty of your home in southern way. 

Basketry work ... and work of different woods like sandalwood , rose wood etc. with amazing carving and sensational cutting will bring "feel good factor" to your designs and decor's.
More of the Kerela yet to be discovered..... wait for the next post..! 

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