Patch's of Orissa.

Orissa ... land of Shri Jaganath ji.. soil where not only lord Jaganath ji is worshiped but people of Orissa also worship their heritage handicrafts,skill,art and craft, and materials used to make them. They play with wood, metal , clay, pottery , fabrics , etc to give you a world of design and decor to add on charm to your interior's. 

Bring home the skillful patch work .. on furnishings .. wall hangings .. etc. Get the touch of thread and needle  to beautify the spaces you live in. 

Different motifs .. vivid colors .. awesome designs ... and tactful skillful work make such furnishings and fabrics so unique and so amazing. The way they place the patch work on fabrics and create different sort of designs will always play with the sense of your decor which one choose among so many. 

Beautiful use of cloth... amazing placement of mirrors .. perfect use of thread and needle brings out such adorable and breath taking work. 

Not only just the patch work has that charming touch  .. but also the wall/ ceiling hangings.. for your doors, galleries , balcony etc can brighten up the spaces with its charming and vivid colors and designs. 

These are painted papier mache  ..  ceiling hangings ..from Orissa. Painted in different motifs.. colors .. faces of lord Jaganath .. etc to brighten up the corner of your home or offices. 

Apart from this they have skilled hands of other material's as well... like metal .. clay.. toys..wood works... etc. which ensure to filter glow and brightness to spaces. Orissa heritage to be continued in my next post. :)

Thanks to goggle.. and other few sites for the wonderful pictures I managed to collect. :) and last but not the least ..Thanks to all my viewers for their continuous footprints in my blog. 

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