Preserved Art of Assam.

Hello everyone...... :)  Few more percious and amazing art and handicrafts work of Assam to decor your life. Art is unending and so is its effect and beauty. These handicrafts will keep blending perfection of art ..decor and design at your home or offices for years. Aaaha.. now check out rest of Assam's magic.

Pottery is probably as old as human civilization itself. In Assam, pottery can be traced back to many centuries.The most commonly-used pottery products include earthen pots and pitchers, plates, incense-stick holders, earthen lamps etc, while modern-day decorative have also found place in their latest designs. 

Different kind of masks .. utensils etc can be found for interiors. Few decor items will ensure to beautify your interiors with the special touch of Assam.

An amazing work to carry home and office to decor the interior's. Its the heritage which is being carried from decades and still maintained with the same skill and talent of Assam people.
Woodcraft's : Assam ... one of the most forest covered state of the country and the variety of wood and timber available here have formed a part of the people's culture and economy , talent , skill and art. Therefore, we get an amazing variety of Wood crafts to carry home..and make it a different place to be in. 

Assam wood crafts are different ... decorative and the best part is .. they are "eco friendly". Comfortable in use .. mesmerize the looks of your interior's ..and give a pure farm-house look to the spaces.

MasksWith tribal art and folk elements form the base of Assamese culture, masks have found an important place in the cultural activities of the people. Materials used for making masks ranges from terracotta to pith to metal, bamboo and wood.

This tribal art can bring difference in your "varanda's" or "balcony". They always keep "negative energy" away from your "home sweet home" and "offices".

Traditional Paintings : The tradition of paintings in Assam can be traced back to several centuries in the past. These bright and colorful paintings depicting various stories and events from history and mythology.

Each painting speaks about the culture of Assam and there traditions. You will get a traditional feel and tribal touch in most of the paintings. did u like Assam culture .. talent ..skill and art. Its always a difficult to job to frame up such talent and skill in words..but still I try to bring the particular feel for my readers. India is a country full of talent skill ... and un-ending creativity..  and always motivates me to capture down this unending traditional values..culture etc in my words. 

Time to leave........but yaa..wait wait wait..!
But get back soon...with some amazing and precious creations of the designing world.

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The masks are not from Assam. These are African mask. Please upload the masks of Majuli.

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