Revealed Art of Madhya Pradesh.

Hello ji...... here I come again with few more majestic and unique collection of art and talent from the soil of India ..... Madhya Pradesh. Look at the amazing art work .. skill of tribal people and a perfect blend of hard-work and heritage.

Folk painting is widely practiced in areas like Nimar, Gondwana and Malwa. These paintings have gained world-wide recognition, and have been featured in exhibitions in France, Japan, Australia and some other countries. 

Tribal art and paintings ...... well known as "Gond and Bhil" paintings of Madhya Pradesh is famous all over India. Heritage well preserved and maintained... by the tribal people and a different out look and way to make such beautiful paintings. This may add on sort of Modern art look to your walls. 

Amazing work with Geometric patterns ... makes these art pieces totally different from any other kind of paintings. Add on such painting to your home decors for the whole sole look of village corner and purity of thoughts. 

Absolutely classic pencil work .. on paper.. brings the awesome art in a very different and beautiful manner. 

So..this was just a small show-case from the universe of such beautiful and unique art work of the tribal people of Madhya Pradesh. 

Apart from amazing painting work..they are genius in pottery and clay work as well. 

Amazing ..isn't  it.. ! So well well designed pottery and clay products from the soil of Madhya Pradesh. :) Design a corner of your home with this precious art and work. 

Not just the corners or the floors... here is something differently created for your walls as well. 

Vivid colors.. different type of embroidery . makes it so unique and makes your wall so warm and charming. 
Apart from these show-cased handicrafts .. Madhya Pradesh also masters in Candle stands, lattices, furniture, lamps and other decorative items are made through the handicraft of iron molding. 

Wooden blocks.... for printing on fabrics. Take home these wooden blocks to create unique fabric designs at home.. with the help of fabric paints. Easy to use... different and unique in creativity and best part is.. can be used and learned by anyone. 

Give your furnishings touch of your creations. Unlimited block design can bring home unlimited variety of decor's for your home and office furnishings. 

Very different ......and unique..... "wooden rangoli art" of Madhya Pradesh. Design your floor with such give it a decor feeling of Madhya Pradesh. :) this was a short visit to the " Interior designing and Decor" handicrafts of Madhya Pradesh...which can bring a lots of difference to your spaces with such a creative .. skill art pieces  Art ..creation .. design and decor has no ends to it.. keep work.. keep walking .. keep learning and keep trying for new design and decor's. After-all "no design is a waste" 

See you all soon with my next visit to other states of India as well........ to much creativity is waiting.....and i am always ready to know more and more about this "creative skills of human hands". :) 

copyright, All Rights Reserved 2013, Richa Gupta

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