Floor Designing & Tips.

Floors ... the way to connect to your design .. and interior's. Unlimited materials , unending designs... etc to get connected to your design idea's and work. 

Few tips for better floor designing and get up :

  • Avoid using 3D effect designs for floors. It creates confusion while walking through the passage/floor.
  • Avoid wood flooring at humid places.
  • Try to choose re-silent materials for flooring.. to avoid noise. 

  • Rough floors are best for bathrooms, landscaping , exterior's etc.
  • Avoid granite flooring at kitchen,bathroom area. (wet area) and stair cases. 

  • Avoid too messy design floors.
  • Best flooring materials are tiles,marble,glass or Mosaic. 

Hmm.. so that were few tips for the betterment of your floor designs and looks. Hope they may help you in your work and designs. Scoop up more tips in some of my coming up posts as well. Thanks for your foot prints..and time...... :) C yaaaa all soon. :) 

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