Knock to Sikkim.

Hiee.... here I am back with one more beautiful, awesome and a state full of talent ... creativity..peace and culture .. SIKKIM.. 
Its time to give your dwelling and office a piece of Sikkim.. with the handicrafts and creative products of this state. Gifts .. show pieces .. from the land of monetary and monks.. 

Carpet Weaving
Sikkimese' practice of weaving is probably the oldest form of carpet weaving in the world.The exclusive manner of weaving, by the hard-working artisans of Sikkim, appears in the designs of striking carpets.Let your floors hug the creative ..well designed carpets of this region. 

Wood Carving
The wood carving in Sikkim is symbolic of true art of India. Throughout Sikkim, one can trace monasteries and buildings, festooned with symbols and icons carved in wood. The mask dance of Sikkim is also portrayed in wood carvings. You can find superb masks made out of wood and papier-mâché. 

Speical carved wood show peices .. furniture is available to enhance the decor of your interior's and spaces. 

Thangka Paintings
Thangka Paintings are unique to the state of Sikkim. 'Thangkas' are usually made on cotton canvas with a frame of silk. These paintings portray images of different Gods, Goddesses and philosophies related to Buddhism. Originally, paintings were made by priests and monks, later the skills got passed from generation to generation. Give a special place to the peaceful paintings of Buddhism. 

Choktse Tables
Choktse is a kind of foldable table and has become a special product of Sikkim. Choktse Tables are renowned here as well as outside India. These tables are made in different designs and dimensions.

Well painted .. designed in various forms and pattern's ... makes its unique in itself to carry home. Apart from these unique... and breath taking furniture... painting.. etc Sikkim gifts us variety of other home decor and utility item's as well. 

More you explore ... more specialties you will get in each and very state.. after all this world is full of creation .. imagination and unstoppable designs and idea's.

Will get back soon .... with other creative world of design's and decor's. After all... I need to cover the whole world...... to explore unlimited creativity. :)

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