Living room plan layout and tips.

Living area .. space connected with interiors and exterior's of any dwelling... place of rest.. relaxation .. attending guests.. space of family time.. etc.. means a lot to every habitat. So design the living room in such a manner.. that it suits all the requirements and comforts. 

Few tips for living room :

  • Keep living room designing and placement of furniture bit spacious. 
  • Do not mess up with over design and decor.
  • Living room commonly has two doors.. (inner door connected inside to other rooms and entrance door connecting the exterior's or entrance of house).. do not mess up while door placement.
  • Try to create a formal and informal zones in one living area to entertain formal and informal guests.
  • Avoid placement of television.. try to accommodate television in family room if have any.

 these were few tips and design layout for living room guidance... hope they may help you all. Will soon come up with more of it........... designing and decor's universe. :) 

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