Wonders from the soil of Tribal's. (Chattisgarh)

Chattisgarh ... land blessed with natural beauty , tribal culture , wonder art and talented creative skills. A visit to this state is incomplete without picking up Chattisgarh handicrafts souvenir and taking them home to give your dwellings the taste of tribal work and talent.

Different categories of Chattisgarh handicrafts they are blessed with are :

  • Bell Metal (DHOKRA)
  • Wrought Iron (LOHA SHILP)
  • Terracotta
  • Wood Craft (KASHTA SHILP)
  • Godna (Paintings of traditional tattoos & motif's on textile)
  • Tumba (Containers to store water and salfi.)
  • Sisal 
  • Clay Relief Work
So......... here's sharing some pictures of incredible art and crafts ... !!!

With such a great metal art... wonders of clay crafts are waiting to be placed in your spaces. Smooth .. bright ..and blessing of soil... waiting to enter your interior's. 

Amazing brass work , wrought iron work , metal work ..... moulded in different shapes, figures, sizes etc.. to enhance the beautification of your spaces. 

Beautiful ... isn't it... ! Off-course they are ... and they can beautify your interior's in a very different and attractive manner. 

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