Dilwara Jain Temple..Mount Abu.

Located in the beautiful and cool mountains of Mount.Abu.. at Rajasthan India. A temple poured in the beauty and amazing work of white marble.. so pure and so smooth. Treat to your eyes ..and spectacular experience to move in and walk in the temple and catch the incredible work of intricate marble cutting work.

Each & every pillar, wall, ceiling and roofs, floor, wall brackets everything, every corner, every inch of the temple is so beautifully made up and maintained that you never can't get enough of it. Total breadth and length of the temple is poured in the intricate work of marble and each and every work convey's the story of ancient history and mythology of India. 

A tribute given  to Indian God and Goddess & their stories through pure white marble work. Ceaseless efforts to attain perfection in every art, marble idol, marble work etc. can be found in this architectural wonder. Great way of ornamentation and perfection. 

My visit to Diwara Jain Temple was so amazing ..and so memorable .. that still today I am not able to come out of this amazing architecture and work. A place of purity, cool and calm.. in short..its a mini heaven to visit and stay for few hours. Explore the world of architecture under the blessings of God.

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Dilwara Jain Temple features exquisite temple carvings and are world famous for their architecture. Simply plan a vacation to Mount abu and visit these incredible temples.

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