History & Architecture of Fatehpur Sikri (Agra)

Fatehpur Sikhri - 26 miles from Agra ..a great complex of palatial, residential, official and religious buildings. Largest and most important building of Fatehpur Sikhri are :

  • Jodha Bai's Palace
  • The house of mirang 
  • House of Birbal 
  • The sultan's residence.

Jodha Bai's Palace : 320'0"X 215'0"X 32'0" (height). The interiors consists of an almost geometrical range of buildings surrounding a square quadrangle. Most of the interiors had long corridors , geometrical pattern rooms. Upper rooms were airy and had open roof terrace. Down cambers were heated up automatically during winters. Jodha's Palace was specially designed and decorated by Gujarat artisans . Application of blue glazed tiles to some of the roofs and copulas introducing an attractive color note. 

The Mirang's House : If compared to Jodha's palace ..it was 1/16th part of it (small). It was arrangement of rooms in two story with no central court yard. Interiors were of mural paintings. 

The Sultan's Residence : It was even smaller and more modest in its architectural composition or structural composition as it is a single story with one apartment within a pillared veranda. It had simple interiors by richness and quality of its carved and decorative work. Every wall breaks into a pattern of delicacy and refinement.  

Birbal (the prime minister's) house : His house was elaborate in its architectural ornamentation. It had two stories, four room and two porches. It was given the pleasure of open terrace enclosed with screens. Interior's were cool and whole structure was planned with principle hut.  

Jama Masjid : Consists of combination of four buildings namely (a) the great mosque itself (b) its southern gateway or Buland  Darwaza (c) the tomb of Saint Salim Chisti within the court yard and (d) the mausoleum of Islam Khan on the northern side.
Rectangular area - 542'0"X 438'0" with interior courtyard.
Height of whole composition - 176'0" (above the road view).

Off the administrative building .. the most distinctive was Diwan-e-Khas ... or hall for private audience. 

  • Rectangular in plan. 
  • 2 storied having flat terraced roof with a pillared kiosk rising above each corner.
  • Interiors of this hall was basically to suits Akbar's motives and attitude. 
  • Its various patterns branching out into a series of 36 closely set vaulted brackets carving the thrown platform. 

Other architectural buildings :

  • Panch mahal or Palace of five stories.
  • Khavabagh or house of dreams.
  • Astrologer's seat ..the department of records.

Whole structure ..all the building of Fatehpur Sikri consists of remarkable treatment of exterior's and interior's. 
Interior's : Few of the apartments are one size but they are usually of pleasing proportions and the pillars with their pendent brackets, the balconies enclaves .. other mural embellishment are elegant work of art and disposed throughout the building with best of tastes. 

Amazing .. intricate stone work.. proportion .. spaces .. makes it so perfect and remarkable structure of architecture in history. Visit it ... to know more.. to get more of the clear picture's of the work done...in its interior's and exterior's. 

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