Foyer Designs.

Foyers ..basically a vacant space at the entrance of homes, hotels, etc. earlier used for keeping shoe, bags, jackets etc. but these days its a welcome note for the guests and clients. 

Design foyer with a comfortable sitting .. escorted with a table .. or a rack. Let your guests.. or you yourself get a relaxing welcome note ..when you enter your home. Keep your belongings.. take a moment of peace and then enter in.

Classy foyer designs ..give in the royal touch of welcome.. let your home place cheer the presence of foyer. 

Instead of .. any sitting.. or table.. one can also plan for a textured wall.... light colors.. its very smoothing and positive entrance. Highlight the wall with different wall lights or hanging lights.. for a warmish and homely look. 

Give in the welcome with an idol of any God or Goddess. Get a blessed look while coming and going out of home or hotel. Keep it simple, elegant.. sweet. 

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