Furniture placement idea's & tips. (through layout's)

Hello ......friends... hmm..designing not an easy job.. but yaa off-course an interesting work to be in. After the architectural work the most exciting and interesting work is furniture placement. Just putting in the furniture in the not placement of it. It requires ... few things to be noticed, taken care off.. and then materialize your plans. Letss.......... take it small tour of it.. !!

  • While planning and placing furniture... keep a clear distance from doors and windows. Don't let them come in traffic ways of doors. 
  • Do not attach any furniture from wall. Keep at-least 6" distance from the wall.

  • Do not over mess the room with lots of furniture. Keep limited and required amount of furniture. 
  • Keep a clean and clear ways in living room. Don't let it be too messy and over crowded. 

  • Placement of rugs or carpets should be avoided if room area is small. 
  • Avoid heavy weighted and heavily designed furniture if the rooms are small in area. 
  • L shaped sofa are best for living are if placed with a deewan or couch. 
So, while placing and planning for sure about these small little tips. More over.. many a things depends upon ...choice, requirement , shape and size of the room, and is the place used for commercial purpose or residential purpose. 

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