Amber Fort. (Jaipur - India)

Amber fort....... Jaipur India.. one of the biggest fort's.. elaborately designed.. worked on each and every corner of it.. scientifically meant... with a very positive and practical approach ..and work.

Welcome to the fort......... the entrance.

The super work at the entrance of the Amber Fort. Such a beautiful painting... work ..creativity.. with so much of skillful hands and talent. Nothing can be matched with it.True picture of Indian art .. traditions and culture. 

Paintings.... wall painting..roof painting..all done by vegetable paints. More they get older with time..more they are shinning. 

Amazing walk by. So well circulated by natural light and air. No need of any artificial illumination or ducts. Walls being painted by.. some natural mixture of "moong" ,"chuna", "daal", etc. 

Walls ..with intricate marble work.. with geometric and floral patter. Lavishly designed walls ..which are speaking the status.. and culture of the Raj Gharana's. 

The great ... mirror palace... of the fort. Wall ...corners.. pillars.. each and every inch being decorated and designed by mirror art. These mirror art... shine like stars in the night time.

Interiors of the mirror palace.... a glimpse of mirror art and work. 

Carving work on marble.......on one piece of marble...with such a skillful and talented hand.

Few close up pictures of mirror palace. An amazing .... place to be in .. so very cool, artistic, creative and wonderful. Great piece of art, culture and talent.  

With a super blend of ... marble work.. white and black marble combination art.. or at places.. white marble carving. Flower motif of this marble .... art ..  has five things hidden in it. Thats so creative and inspiring.

The Dewaane-e-aam place. 

Geometrical pattern garden ..... same geometric art and designs are found on the doors or walls of the fort.

An amazing window ... with great floor pattern ... of white marble and red marble.

The great "chulha"...... place of cooking food. 

Super lake view.. from the top of Amber Fort. 

Red stone carving on ..each and every pillar.. bracket...of the construction. Craved with traditional ... floral motifs or heritage motifs of rajasthani culture and art.

Exit ...... never felt like going out of this place...... but .. can't stay forever... !!! It was a great visit.... to such a wonderful piece of art ..creation and work. Amber fort was build with the blend of rajsthani culture and mughal art. Built thousand years ago....still a great immortal example of architecture, work, creativity and talent.

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