Charm of City Palace.

Architecture lover ...... here something.. feast for your eyes and design idea's. Check out .. my trip pictures to the "City Palace" of Jaipur. Absolute treat to my of design .. and great piece of inspiration for my idea's... creative angles... and art.

The grand entrance of the palace.. elaborated with super intricate marble work..paintings and colors. 

Entrance walls.... so amazingly designed with ...different floral motifs and art. An art ..which speaks the heritage of royal work... Rajasthani colors and charm. 

The super intricate work on white marble ...with the perfection of measurements ... art of design. It was an absolute pleasure ...and inspiration to visit these wonderful palace. 

Metal worked... each and every door entrance. The heavily carved metal work doors welcome you and your visit to the palace.

An amazingly..... super spacious palace .. with super work on each and every wall, corner and inch. The pink palace ...with art of pure white .. to add in the beauty to the space. A palace ...which has seven stories. 

Deewan-e-khas....  hall for special audience. Hall for the queens .. and king.. their families, guests and relatives. 

Super four doors ...of this special deewaan-e-khas .... painted  and decorated are the symbolic of four seasons... in India. 

Four Chandelier... gracing the public hall with its super beauty and charm.

The super ... silver water gallon used for carrying "Ganga Jal" .. by the King... when he was on the tour of England for four months. 

Lamp post....... craved and made of traditional ..carrying the heritage of the cultures and arts of this region. 

Canon's of Raj Gharana ...... 

The grand exit door........ painted amazingly...with vegetable paints. If ever get a chance... do not skip the chance to visit this amazing palace. Its still so full of live, full of royal touch and presence... and beauty.Its one of the most special preserved architectural monuments to visit. 

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