Home Study Designs & Tips

At times.... if office is just not enough for your work .. few people desire to get a home study or an office for work. Designed in a informal space .. yet all the formal requirements should be taken care off..! At times.. some people have work from home offices.. so you need to be very much specific about the designs and decor's according to the client's needs and taste. 

Keep in a comfortable ..atmosphere to work in ..with uninterrupted illumination .. smooth and cool air flow and ventilation .. easy going and comfortable work desk .. and lots of storage spaces to segregate  the work files and documents. 

Keep around the light weighted furniture .. and accessories ..or according to the taste of client. Do not panic with .. messy designs and decor's. Give in a simple and formal looks with a secretive connection to home interior's. 

Provide a site of informal side ....... just to give in a relaxing atmosphere ... to keep person cool and calm at work. 

Indoor plants, few home decor accessories , chairs or sofa set for two to four person ..etc. makes a good and comfortable blend of formal and informal requirements. So, ready to design your or ....for your client ..a "super home study / office". 

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