Interior Decor Items & Idea's.

Decor your world .. a happy .. peaceful gesture for your spaces. Remember.. I am sharing few decor items and idea's to enhance the beauty of designing... do not get mistaken it as designing ..its a decor part of spaces which comes after designing.

Small .... big .. cute simple decorative items to enhance the beauty of the interiors... at time works very gracefully and gives a complete look ..which might have been missing since long.

Simple and easy way of decors is placing the candles, enhancing the dull room with colorful pillows, cushions, table covers, painting, photo frames etc. 

Enrich your world..with some handicrafts as well. They are one of the effective tools .. of decor's and are ever green. 

Decorative watch .. wall watch..stand watch .. metal and clay sculpture, clay toys, clay God Idols, cute wall hangings .. door hangings... etc. are effective way to change the looks of rooms.... whenever required. Remember... a good designing is not complete till its accomplished by simple and decent decor's..!!

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