Kids room wall designing.

Kids room........... hmmmm one of my favorite .. love to get back to my childhood days... love to get back to such cute .. sweet and innocent designs .. something that always touch my heart and bring a smile on my face.. !!! :) 

Kids wall designs... an important element to be taken care off.. ! Do not mess up with too much of colors.. vibrant and dark shades .. keep it soft, light, happy happy and innocent like kids.

Enhance their world ... with softness .. cute and adorable pictures, paintings, wall papers etc. Avoid using any kind of negative shade or picture.. this may effect the child negatively. 

Durability and long life of the wall design ..depends upon the kind of design imposed ..or implemented on it.

Come out of the biggest stupidity.... that is .. blue is for boys.. and pink is for girls. Kindly do not divide colors between innocent mind and heart. Each and every color is equally important ... and lovable ..for both girl and boy. Come out of this barrier created in your mind and designing idea's. Let the child explore his world... with all the colors..let them browse the world of design with no barriers and limitations. 

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