Kitchen Counter tops designs.

Undergoing a kitchen renovation or making a new kitchen.. do not forget to filter variety of materials and accessories .. to get the best one for your kitchen. For the most impressive and work friendly kitchen.. you need to give in the best of kitchen counter-top. Best material suitable for your ... counter-top ..will go according to your work habits, budgets, design and decor plans etc. 

Granite – Special blend of colors & textures .The pros of granite surfaces : Ideal for cooking enthusiasts,  Stain-resistant,  Heat-resistant, Available in dozens of colors, more durable than marble, won't scratch, resistant to heat and water if sealed, low-maintenance and high resale value. But Cons: They are expensive, requires resealing about once a year. 

Corian - Creates beautiful, stylish realities spaces that withstand the realities of every day living. Pros: Durable, smooth surface, can seamlessly integrate sink and backsplash, easy to sand away stains or scratches, lots of color and pattern options, can imitate other materials like concrete and marble. Cons: Can be easily damaged by heat, easy to scratch and dent, can get stains.

Laminates – Blend of variety, colors, and something which is very easy to maintain & affordable by every class. Pros: Stain-resistant, waterproof, lots of color options, low-maintenance, inexpensive. Cons: Can crack and scratch, not heatproof, difficult to repair

Wood -  One of the country styling way of designing counter-tops. Pros: Good for chopping/prep surface, gentle on delicate glassware/china. Cons: Easily damaged by burns, dents, spills and scratches, requires food-safe protective sealer, needs regular maintenance, will discolor if installed around the sink. Wooden counter-top gives more of disadvantages than advantages. 

Marble – A simple and solid way to get a kitchen countertop. Pros: Comes in a variety of colors and patterns, smooth surface, won't chip or dent, heat-resistant. Cons: Expensive, can be scratched or etched by acids (citrus, coffee, alcohol, some cleaning products) even if you seal it. 

Steel.- A classy choice to design your counter-top. Pros: Durable, stain proof, spill proof, temperature-proof, easy to clean and maintain, help reflect light. Cons: Can nick and scratch, can show fingerprints, noisy. 

Glass - A royal and classy selection ... one of the best material to achieve the best of atheistic factors. They are tough, can be given textures by itching and frosting. But expensive at your pockets. Have to be careful while using..can't take it as granted. Not at all suitable for gas over counter-top. 

Apart from good ..suitable counter-top.. you need to escort it ..with great wall skirting... wall treatment and different types of accessories. To get the perfect complete look. Alone counter-top can't give a finishing touch to the kitchen.

So... browsed a little bit about counter-top world...isn't it.. !! Now time to explore more and more... go down to the markets.. get the prizes.. get the feel of the product.... take a look..then decide finally.. the best one for your project..or kitchen. 

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