Master stroke of Architecture.

Hieee.. friends..... !!! Just had a small ..and quick visit to the forts and palace of Jaipur.. Pink city of India. Came through ..amazing .. master work of architecture in marble.. red stone... etc. Amazing paintings .. at all the walls.... the vegetable paints... colors obtained by natural process.. years ago.. n still shinning like diamonds. Sharing few of the glimpse start with.. :) 

Doors with wonderful metal work on them... designed and decorated with their ethnic traditional motifs and decor's. 

Wardrobe of the King's room...... painted amazingly ..with vegetable paints.. great piece of work and art.

Wall full of intricate painting .... and art work.. with amazing perfection in measurements and designing. 

Vegetable painting the the entrance of the room the roof .. and roof sides are designed and decorated all over with such a master paintings and art.

The intricate mirror work at ... Amber Fort of Jaipur... simply amazing. No words to express the beauty of this work.

The super window design ..for the rooms  and in the walls of forts and palace's. Amazing carving work.. great paint art and super perfection in measurements.

Great ... red stone work.. super craving and cutting of design on stone. Each and every motif.. design.. art ..has its own significance ..and importance. Its just not the sake of decors and art. Its a work personified with perfection ... status.. and significance. Yet much more to come in my next posts.... till keep reading.... and exploring the royal art of Rajasthan through my posts. Thanks.....!!

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