Cherishing Spaces this Diwali.. !!

Diwali.... knocking at your door... lots of preparations yet to be done before its finally the Diwali Day... isn't it.. ! So lets catch up with some..quick and elegant diwali decor's for the year... 

Fabric...linen plays a big role in diwali decoration and designing. So time to browse quickly the bright, gorgeous .. and vibrant diwali linens and fabrics for the dwelling.

Another important and most essential part of this festival...... is lighting... illuminating the brightness and eliminating the darkness from your life. Super cool diya's ..lamps.. etc.. to illuminate your diwali.. and spaces. 

Rangoli, colors, lights, glitters, flowers, door hangings, window dressing materials, new wall paints, getting the floor polishing done..... after all..its all about cherishing spaces..this diwali. Make it a perfect space before diwali is finally at your door steps..! Happy Diwali.

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