Kitchen with Dinning.

Kitchen with dinning space.. commonly found these days .. because of lack of spaces. Its difficult to find out separate area for dinning area, kitchen and living room. So more or else, kitchen space is combined with dinner area. Its an open kitchen concept ..adjoining the dinning space.

Its kind of thing..which makes working and severing the food bit easy as well. If well designed and well maintained gives the pleasure to work in and have a good family time even when working in the kitchen. 

Pamper this small area with.. soft and light colors. As the area is already stuffed up with so much of furniture and other things..better to keep the walls light and sober. 

This small... cute area should have good lighting ... sunny atmosphere ... with nice and appropriate air ventilation keep the area cool, calm, fresh and mess free. Trust me... designing can create wonders and amazing place to work around and have a good time with family and friends.. !!! 

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