Restaurant Layouts and planning tips.

Planning a restaurant .. planning a food spaces requires lots of things to be taken care of.. like.. space, furniture, ambiance , light , air control, freshness , design and decor's. Before taking the first step of planning for restaurants one needs to specify the type of restaurants they are going to plan and design. Different kind of food places needs different kind of design decor and other things.. !! 

  • Coffee place
  • Coffee and snacks center
  • Small restaurants. 
  • High way restaurants 
  • Garden restaurants 
  • Open terrace restaurants 
  • Casual city restaurants 
  • Any specific type of restaurants like .. Indian, Chinese , Italian etc. 

Whatever type of restaurant you may be designing for .. few things are common for all the types and one must take care of it. 

  • Free Space : While putting in the plan layout on papers do not forget to give in good space area to your clients. Need to give good walking area, good sitting area, spacious waiting zone. Make the client comfortable with a free feel..rather than irritating them from a suffocated place.
  • Furniture placement : Place the furniture in a very smooth manner. Don't let the furniture interrupt between walking ways, should give ample of space to get in and come out of the respective table and sitting area's. 
  • Minimum Area : Minimum 2'0" or 24" of space is required for a person to sit and eat comfortably. So, do not forget to provide a good comfortable table for a comfortable serving and delightful eating. 
  • Lighting : It is said to keep dim lights in a restaurants or at eating spaces to create an ambiance of relaxation and privacy. But do not create a too dim atmosphere by such illumination. It may result in depressing atmosphere. Keep up good amount of natural lighting ..though doors and windows. Let the day light entertain your guests. 
  • Air control : One of the most important element. Too much of chilling place may results in uncomfortable atmosphere. Less air ventilation or over heat may result in intolerable and un- fresh  environment. Fine and perfect balance in air control should be maintained to create a good ambiance and atmosphere for a restaurant. 

Any specific kind of designing and decor is needed for any specific type of restaurants those are dedicated to any specific religion .. or food items.. like Indian, Chinese etc. 

Few decor tips .. suitable for all the types of restaurants :

  • Indoor plants. 
  • An aquarium.
  • Paintings. 
  • Traditional accessories.
  • Texture painting.
  • Atheistic lighting.
  • Flowers. 
  • Wall hangings.

So, planning a restaurant is not a difficult task to do.. isn't it. Follow few designing and planning laws and measurements, fulfill the decor needs .. give in the best of ambiance with comfortable lighting and air control. Don't just design a place for eating...... design it in such a manner that pulls the client in every-time they think of having good time with friends and the respective restaurant. 

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