Bedroom for oldies. (Grandpa & Granny)

Bedroom..for grandpa and  granny ... keep it sober ..simple.. full of light which can generate lots of positive feel to the old couple. Designing a bedroom for any old couple or single a challenging job. You need to keep your designs "down to earth" types. Few tips.. 

  • Room color should be light and sober.
  • Keep the bed with supporting mattress. 

  • Should be a well lighted room. (let the natural light fell in without any obstruction)
  • Few pictures of their young time should be placed. 
  • Few positive pictures/paintings helps in generating positive energy.

  • Do not use any slippery floor material. 
  • Keep simple furniture.
  • Try to give a grab bar beside bed.

Give the old couple or old people a comfortable and easy to use designs and decor's. Try to eliminate dark corners from the room. Life becomes bit tough at old age.. make it bit easier and simple with your designs and decor idea's.

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