Cool wall art styles & design tips.

Giving a wall is a kind of challenging job... as it can create amazing visual impact.. as well as .. if not placed or designed can ruin all the design and decor arrangement of any room or space. Be very specific .. and to the point in you design idea ..while designing a wall of any space. Few things matters the most ..... 

  • Room's size and shape.
  • Room's furniture design and material.

  • Room is for formal or informal space / requirement
  • Window openings in the room. Natural light sources. 

  • Weather you want to design wall by texture paints, wall accessories, wall hangings, picture frames, painting etc. (all the things have their own respective impact)
  • Color of the room. 

Hope these tips made it bit easy to choose the material, accessories, wall art style for your modern, traditional, country style etc. spaces and rooms. Wall is fun... if done properly.. it has the power to change the whole view and impact of any space.

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